Summer Swimwear


Before you shop for swimwear this season, it is important to understand the terminology that goes along with the shopping experiences and which garments are the best swimsuit styles for every body type.

Several years ago I won a trip with a company I worked with at the time, and while I was excited to get to go to Las Vegas because I had never been, I was petrified to shop for a swimsuit that would be seen in public. After hours of searching and countless stores later though I found the perfect option. I was even happy enough with my decision that it relieved all anxiety about wearing a swimsuit in public. The reason that I was so pleased with my selection was that I was able to follow a few simple guidelines for choosing the best swimsuit for your shape. As you begin your search, there are a couple of important factors to consider once you have identified your body shape.

Once you have gone shopping for your swimsuit and chosen the perfect swimsuit for your shape, then the time comes to put all your effort into choosing a summer cover-up. I love the summer cover-up, because for me at least I will spend more time with my cover-up displayed than my actual swimsuit so I consider the summer cover-up an extension of my style persona.


Start by Considering Your Destination

The first consideration to make when you are choosing a summer cover-up is where you will be wearing your cover-up. Will you be at the beach or will you be spending the majority of your time poolside? Your destination will have a great deal of impact on your fabric and style choices because each different fabric will react differently at each location. If you are going to spend your time at the beach, then choose a cotton or a cotton blend for your cover-up. If however you will be spending part of your time at the pool then you can choose a more luxurious fabric for your cover-up.

Once you have chosen one of your biggest summer fashion investments, your swimsuit you must then work during the season to protect that investment by following a few simple care instructions for swimwear.

Extend the life of Your Suit by Having More than One Option

Start with a simple rule that you follow also follow in other areas of your wardrobe. Choose more than one suit. The more swimwear options that you have, the less you will wear each option and the longer that it will last.

In the final edition of our summer swimwear series, we are ready to tackle the topic of your summer tanning routine. I want to go on record as saying that it is my personal opinion that sunless tanner is the only way to go. The risks that are associated with exposure to the sun or a tanning bed is not worth the reward of a fleeting summer of color. You should instead use these tips to achieve the same color without all the risk by choosing a sunless tanner.

Start by evaluating your skin tone.

The color that you choose needs to be based on the color that you are starting with. The best way to achieve a natural look with a sunless tanner is to choose a color that is no more than two shades darker than your natural color. Most places that you visit will offer a sample of the sunless tanner, if you are unsure of the color apply a small test sample in an inconspicuous place and allow it to effect before you make a selection. For me I am very fair, so I look always look for tanners that allow me to choose the shade. Bath and Body works makes a terrific gradual tanner that actually allows you to begin with a lighter shade and progress at my own pace. I find that option to be the most beneficial if what you desire is a natural looking tan.

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