Shopping Commandments For Spring: Top 5 Must Haves

Shopping Commandments For Spring: Top 5 Must Haves

The changing of the seasons is upon us again, which means that the time has come to dive into those closets and prepare for some of those amazing new looks that you will be sporting this spring. Whenever it is time to begin your spring style journey, the first thing that you must ask yourself is whether or not you have all of the right pieces to create those must have spring looks.  So, this season take a look at your closet and look for these 5 must have items:

1.   Fitted Blazer

My number one go to item for the spring is a fitted blazer in a bright color or a pale pastel depending on your comfort level when it comes to bright colors. The blazer can be worn to work with a trouser to work or with the dark washed trouser for a casual option. My favorite place to find a fitted blazer is White House Black Market. Blazers are one of those staple options that I will invest a little bit more money in which means that I need the quality to be totally on point. That is not to say that I necessarily always pay full price for these options either. I mean what fun is style on a budget without the hunt right? At White House Black Market, the back right hand side of the store (when entering the store) is their clearance rack. As long as you have a clear list, is a great place to start. In fact, just yesterday I picked up a classic black and white colorblock jacket for $69.99.

Fit Tip:  Look for sleeves that brush your wrist, falls just at your hip, and then buttons without struggle

2.  Bright Jewelry/ Accessories

I am always a big advocate of creating a look that speaks with the use of jewelry.  Jewelry is the perfect way to achieve a budget friendly  look.  This is also another great way to incorporate multiple color options in your wardrobe that you may not have otherwise been able to afford.

Shopping Commandments For Spring: Top 5 Must Haves

3. Crisp White Tee Shirt or Dress  Shirt 

Your next must have piece is a white tee shirt or a crisp white dress shirt, depending on whether you lean towards a dressy or causal style. For me I gravitate towards a more casual style, so my favorite look comes from pairing my favorite capri pants and white tee shirt with a fitted blazer.  My favorite brands of tee shirts come from J. Crew  and Lands End. They are both affordable and wash and wear well.

Fit Tip: When you are shopping for undergarments pick up a tee shirt bra in nude. The key to what to wear under a white tee is to choose a bra that matches your skin tone so that it blends in with your look. 

4.  Dark Washed Denim Jean/Capri

Dark washed denim is another must have no matter what the season. Dark washed denim is very slimming and can lend itself to both casual and dressy occasions.  For me my favorite fit and wash comes from Express. I usually opt for the Stella cut that is perfect for those who are shorter but have full hips.

Fit Tip: To create the illusion of a round bottom, choose jeans with flap pockets. To downplay a full bottom choose flat or no pockets. 

5.  Open Toed Wedges

Spring is the time to let those pedicures shine. So, your final must have item is an open toed wedge. The open toed shoe gives you the opportunity to show of a little sparkle. The wedge helps to elongate the leg and give the illusion of height.

This season stock your closet with the must have options that are going to keep you on the path to style success and as always we invite you back to share your great fashion finds with us

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