How To Wear Denim On Denim

How To Wear Denim On Denim

This season, spring is all about a pop of color that is paired with the right shade or shades of denim. Today we are here to tackle the elephant in the room with our tips and tricks for how to wear denim on denim without looking like a style reject from the 1980′s. Denim on denim can be a hot trend that solidifies your role as a style maven if you make the right choices.

 Choosing the Right Shade

Step one is all about choosing the right shade of denim. The key to choosing the right shade is really all about which area of the body that you want to accent and draw the eye to. Darker shades of denim provide a slimming quality and draw the eye to the area that you have created as your slim fit option.  In this example we paired the dark denim vest with a dark washed denim jean.The denim jean in the dark wash will slim the figure and elongate the legs. The dark denim vest will minimize the bust and be a perfect contrast to the bright white t-shirt.

How To Wear Denim On Denim

Variations in Color and Fit

When you are looking for your ideal combination for wearing denim on denim the key is to stay in the same color family and then vary the color by two to three shades so that there is a noticeable difference without too wide a gap in terms of the color family This option and guide indicates that you color choice was deliberate and stylish and not a nod to throwback Thursday.

Your Guide to Colored  Denim

My favorite option for rocking your spring denim is to choose a great pair of colored jeans or capris as part of your go to look of the season. As you are choosing your colored denim, look for bright options that will provide a breath of spring and be a great pairing for a light denim shirt . When you look for your colored denim for spring find an option that you will be comfortable with.There is no sense in purchasing an item that will simply hang in your closet and never be worn so do not force yourself to purchase an item just for the sake of being on trend. Also, in this case your denim shirt will count as one of those must have spring basic items which means that you may need to invest a little money in order to get the ideal option in terms of color and fit. I found my favorite denim shirt at a J Crew outlet. The fit was  perfect and the color stays in tact when washed.

This season, take a walk on the spring side and find a denim trend that works best for you. As always, we also invite you to return to our little corner of the world and share your favorite look with us.

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