How To Get The Perfect At Home Pedicure

How To Get The Perfect At Home Pedicure

For those of you who have been following along with our style journey on instagram, you know that I love a great manicure and pedicure. My manicure and pedicure time is my me time, or the time that I get to spend having girl day with my girl baby. The challenge though becomes how you care for those wonderful spa options at home so that you can extend the life of your pedicure.


Choose an Out of the Box Color

For me when it comes to your perfect at home pedicure, I am all about choosing an out of the box color. Don’t get me wrong, I have sometimes been know to sport a version of pink and red, but I love to make a bold statement by rocking an out of the box color. This season, I am loving all of the versions of purple and teal that are on the market. Last year I even opted for some brighter colors of summer and found some amazing orange options. The one color though that I did steer clear from was a florescent green, because I simply could not find one that I felt screamed stylish. The biggest key in rocking the right color is about finding one that speaks to you and not limiting your options to those that are found at the nail salon. I always bring my own color when I first hit the salon and that ensures that I get the color that I love, but that I can also get my perfect at home pedicure. In between salon visits, I can use my own polish to complete touch ups.

Keep the Right Supplies At Home


Supplies are also an essential part of creating an at home spa experience. By keeping certain supplies in stock at home you are able to extend the life of your salon pedicure and create a greater value. Typically, I will get a full salon pedicure once a month and then the rest of the month I will simply visit for a polish change if necessary and use my own personal products to keep my feet nice and smooth.

* Foot Spa and Foot Soak

* True Blue Spa Foot Scrub and Foot Cream

* Pumice Stone

* Aloe Infused Socks

In order to keep your feet smooth and polished in between salon visits, these must have items are your perfect tools to create a budget friendly style option. The foot spa and foot soak should be used once a week in order to maintain the soft feel that you are looking for from your pedicure. Use the scrub and pumice stone as necessary in order to eliminate the dead, dry skin that will appear in between salon visits. The foot cream and aloe infused socks should be used nightly in order to lock in the moisture that creates soft feet.

When it comes to achieving your goal of style on a budget, take the time to stock up and save by keeping the right products in stock at home so that you can keep that coveted pedicure intact for weeks to come.

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