Dermagist Sponsored Review

Dermagist Sponsored Review

We have spent a lot of time talking about beauty tips and the proper way to care for your skin, and today I want to take that topic one step further and talk about a product line that I was asked to review. Dermatologists recommend that once you are 27 or older you should have a daily beauty routine that includes some for of anti-aging product. Since I will be celebrating a birthday in a couple of months and will hit the big three five, I definitely fall into that category. For me I have two major concerns that I look to address when it comes to choosing an anti-aging regime. First, I have what I consider noticeable lines on my forehead, which some people refer to as frown lines. I am also starting to get the dreaded parentheses around my mouth. In order for me to consider a product successful, it must address at least one of these two major concerns.


For the last 30 days at the request of Deragist (they provided the product) I have been testing The Complete Rejuvenation System from Dermagist and today I want to share my thoughts with you about the experience.  According to Dermagist this system is the most complete system for the overall signs of aging. I will say there were quite a few things that I loved about the product. First of all, over the years I have tried almost every anti-aging product on the market and I will say that the texture of this products is one of my favorites on the market. It does not leave the same greasy residue that some of the other systems that I have tried have done. The creams absorb well and do not leave a shine, which says a lot since my skin is extremely oily and most things leave a greasy residue.

In terms of the three products, I also want to share my favorite of the three which is the instant effect lifting serum. It is the only serum that I have ever tried that claimed to have instant results, and then when I used the product I actually saw instant results. As I shared before, one of my major concerns is the parentheses that have found their way to my face. When I used the instant effect lifting serum I saw an immediate difference that eliminated those dreaded lines almost completely. It did have some impact on the lines on my forehead, but it was not as dramatic as it had on those by my mouth. I will admit though that my forehead lines are deeper which may have had an influence on the results.

In short, I would definitely say that the trial was a success. I am extremely happy with the instant effect lifting serum and will totally continue to use the product as a solution to my anti-aging product. Now, its your turn…what are your biggest concerns when it comes to skin care?

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