Creating Your Green With Envy Style

Creating Your Green With Envy Style

Choosing the Right Shade

Green is one of those options on the color wheel that has an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to shade. So then, the question becomes how do you choose the shade that is right for you? Green is a color that is flattering on most skin tones which means that your color choice can be based on your own personal preference. For me, I love a soft pastel during the day and then a bright bold option for evening or anytime that I want to command attention or portray a look of authority.


Statement Piece Versus Secondary Style

For some, green is a bold color that they are not necessarily ready to embrace fully. If that sounds like you, then you must ask yourself whether or not you want to rock a statement piece such as the top or the blazer or if you want to use green as part of your secondary style. Secondary style is when you opt to limit a color to your accessories or a nail color. This is a great option for demonstrating your ability to remain on trend by embracing a color that you are not necessarily comfortable with. Secondary style is also a perfect option for updating your wardrobe on a budget as accessories and nail color are extremely affordable.

Avoiding the Costume Trap

Green is another one of those colors that you must be careful when you style. Dressing in head to toe green can scream  St. Patrick’s Day all year long, and that is never a good idea. Sprinkle any color in to your wardrobe with splashes of color rather than a head to toe look. Again when it comes to creating color combinations be careful in pairing red and green together because it channels a Christmas 365 option.

Dressing Up Versus Dressing Down

Green is a color that conveys power and wealth which is one of the reasons that emerald was recently named as the color of the year. This year take a leap outside your box and add a touch of Irish to your collection. Then as always we invite you to share your favorite look with us.

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